How A Pallet Flow Racking System Works

A pallet flow racking system is a condensed flow storage unit. This type of racking system is suited for use in environments where a high volume of goods needs to be stored and shipped.

FIFO Storage

A pallet flow racking system operates off of a FIFO (first in, first out) principle. After setting inventory on a flow rack, the inventory that is purchased first will be lined up along the front of the pallet flow rack. As a result, the older inventory will be picked first when an order is being filled.

By using a FIFO storage strategy, stored goods will not sit on a racking system for extended amounts of time. The FIFO storage method rotates stock consistently, ensuring that goods do not expire.

Flow Storage

Flow storage units are accessible from each side. This type of racking system features flow lanes. A roller or wheel rail is secured to each lane. As pallets are loaded into the backside of a flow storage rack, they move toward the picking face.

The slight pitch of each rail uses gravity to push pallets forward.

Increased Storage

A pallet flow racking system maximizes the amount of space that a warehouse operator has to store palletized goods. This type of system pushes pallets closely together. A flow racking system utilizes storage space more efficiently than a static racking system.

A static racking system is an upright store unit that features shelves. Static (fixed) systems keep pallets stabilized. Because gravity will not move the pallets close together, there may be gaps between the pallets that are stored on this type of rack. This essentially means that some of the storage space that is available is wasted.

Custom Racks

The use of a custom flow racking system may increase a warehouse operator's productivity. When reviewing new and pre-owned flow racking systems that a supplier features, determine how many pallets can fit in each lane. Research the height and width of each lane. These measurements will allow you to pinpoint if a particular pallet type can be stored on a racking system. 

Installation And Upkeep 

A flow racking system uses standard rack frame pieces to house the storage lanes. A racking system should be bolted directly to the flooring where the unit will be used. The roller or wheel rails should be cleaned occasionally. Cleaning the rails will ensure that palletized goods can move smoothly along each rail.

For more info about warehouse pallet racking systems, contact a local company.