Things To Review When Purchasing A Pallet Rack

You can use a pallet rack to provide support to many pallets in a warehouse environment. It's just important to focus on buying the right solution the first time and these assessments can help with that. 

Pallet Rack Protection 

You're going to be using different machinery around a pallet rack that's set up in your warehouse, with forklifts being one of the most common. You don't want these machines being able to bump into this pallet rack and easily cause damage because that would cost you a lot of money.

That's not going to happen if you think carefully about the protective solutions incorporated throughout your pallet rack. For instance, if you got a pallet rack with guard rails around the right areas, forklift collisions aren't going to be so destructive and thus cost you a lot of money in pallet rack repairs.

Beam Stability 

The components that support shelves on a pallet rack are the beams. They're one of the most important parts of this racking solution and because of this fact, you need to make sure they're stable. Then you'll be able to support multiple pallets on this rack without having to worry about collapses or other types of rack damage.

Beam stability will be predicated on the materials the beams are made of and their overall thickness. Think about what you're storing on the pallet rack as well to ensure you get beams with the right materials and designs. Then as long as you use the pallet rack in accordance with manufacturer specifications, this solution won't break down without warning. 

Warehouse Space

You can have pallet racks customized in a lot of ways from a size and dimension standpoint. Probably the clearest way to get these factors right the first time is to assess the available space in your warehouse for one of these rack solutions.

Try to map out where the rack solution will be set up and then gather square footage totals that ultimately help you select the right size out of this pallet rack solution. Then you can set it up in a stress-free manner and make the most out of the warehouse space you do have.

Pallet racks make it to where you can store a bunch of pallets with products in an organized manner. If you think about the right things when searching for these rack solutions, you'll be in the best position to choose correctly and avoid rack issues later.