Basic Electronic Vehicle Charger Facts You Should Know

Considering buying an electric or hybrid vehicle means doing your research. You need to know what type of vehicles are available as well as what type of chargers or charging stations you need. You should also understand some additional basics when it comes to the operation of the vehicle. Here are some of those basics and what you should know about each one. 

Types of Chargers

One of the key points you should know about electric cars deals with the types of chargers available. There are three standard chargers on the market. The first is the level one charging stations. These stations and personal chargers are for hybrid vehicles. The second is the level two charger which is for electric battery cars only. The third charger is one you may see for home use. It is a DC fast charger model. It is a general charger that is best for electric battery cars. 

Same Battery Issues

There are times when you may be looking for an electric car for both yourself and a spouse. When this happens you may be under the misconception that they both charge off the same EV charger. This is not necessarily the case. When you visit the electronic vehicle dealer you will need to make sure the two cars you are interested in are compatible with the same type of charger. In most cases they will be; however, there are certain car makes and models that will need a specific charger. This key point alone may influence your choices greatly. 

DIY Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Your first thought in regards to the charging station is that it will be something you can do yourself. For example, you may be under the impression you can buy a kit and simply install it in your garage or carport area. The truth is, you can not do this. In order to have a charging station put in for your car, you must be an electrician. Therefore, you will need to speak to an electrician with experience in this type of installation in order to schedule an installation appointment. 

If you are still in the market for an electric vehicle and an electronic vehicle charger or charging station, contact your local dealer. They can help you with the types of vehicles available and answer questions regarding charging, charging stations, and personal charging. They can also help you narrow down which choices are best for you based on the ongoing budget you have and other key factors. 

Contact a local electric vehicle service, such as Eaton Sales & Service, for more information.