Signs You Need to Replace Hydraulic Hoses on Equipment

Hydraulic hoses are fundamental systems for equipment in that they support the movement of fluid. These hoses -- like other hydraulic components -- will eventually reach a point when they must be replaced. If these signs are present, you know you've reached this point and should subsequently respond with an appropriate replacement immediately.

Consistent Fluid Leaking

Hydraulic hoses can experience wear and tear over the years and it may be enough to cause fluid to leak out. That's going to really affect how hydraulic hoses perform since the right quantity of fluid isn't reaching the appropriate areas.

Replacing a leaking hydraulic hose is the only true way of restoring hydraulic performance, especially on a long-term basis. You can still have the leaking hose analyzed professionally though as to see why this happened and what you can do to stop it in the future. Then at least you'll learn, adapt, and improve the hydraulic systems. 

Fittings with Corrosion

Corrosion is a possibility for several parts on hydraulic systems, including the fittings on the end of your hydraulic hoses. If any of your fittings have this issue, it's best to replace them with a new set because the current hoses are now more susceptible to leaking. 

The corrosion can get to a point where the structure of these fittings gets manipulated and allows for gaps, which is most likely going to cause leaking. You should obtain a new hydraulic hose that can be secured tightly to the connections on the hydraulic equipment. Then you'll just want to take measures that keep corrosion from happening again.

Major Structural Issues

It's natural for hydraulic hoses to get scuffed up and scratched, especially if they're near hydraulic equipment or components that move. It's when major structural damage happens to these hoses when you should really think about finding a replacement.

For instance, if you have hoses that are twisted or torn, you need to find replacement hoses. That's the only way you'll be able to ensure hydraulic components receive the right amount of fluid in order to function great for the foreseeable future.

Hydraulic hoses are perhaps one of the more important aspects of keeping hydraulic equipment running as it should. If you have problems with these hoses and they can't be fixed, then you'll need to find yourself a good set of replacements. This will restore hydraulic performance and save you from having to address other stressful complications. 

To learn more about hydraulic hoses, contact a professional near you.