Ensuring the Safety of Rented Scaffolding: Tips for Business Owners

If you are considering a scaffolding rental for an upcoming job, the fact that you need to rent the equipment is a key indication that you, and your staff, may not be well versed in the assembly, use, and safety requirements associated with it. Scaffolding requires a strict focus on safety from the time it is assembled to the time it is broken down. Here are some things that you, as a business owner, should prioritize if you are getting ready to rent scaffolding for any purpose.

Pay for Training, and Pay for It Again

Before your staff starts working with any scaffolding, even rented equipment, you should pay for everyone to receive training on the safe assembly and use of the scaffolding. Make sure that the trainer you work with addresses any particular types of risks that your work environment will introduce, because you want your staff to be adequately prepared.

In addition, take the time to seek additional training for your staff any time the work environment shifts or a new potential safety risk presents itself. That way, you know that everyone will be safe and know how to handle themselves on the platforms regardless of the situation.

Have the Scaffolding Assembled and Inspected

When you rent scaffolding, it's in your best interest to ask the rental company for someone certified in its assembly and inspection to work with you on the project. If they cannot provide someone, retain someone directly.

Have this person be responsible for the assembly of the scaffolding. It ensures that it is assembled correctly and there are no potential weaknesses due to inexperience. In addition, he or she should inspect the scaffolding condition at the start of every shift, before your staff ascends. He or she will be looking for structural stability, such as secured fasteners, as well as any potential risks or safety hazards.

Require Fall Prevention Systems at All Times

While fall prevention may only be required at specific times, or in certain work environments, the more secure your scaffolding, the more secure your workers. As a result, when you rent scaffolding for any project, it should be made clear to your staff that they are required to wear fall prevention gear at all times. In addition to the harnesses and anchors, consider adding the safety rails on the boards to prevent slipping off the edge. These rails also reduce the risk of objects, like tools, falling from the scaffolding and causing injuries on the ground.

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