Having Problems With Your Machine And Think It's The Rotary Pump? What To Know

If you have a problem with one of your machines and you aren't sure what the source of the grinding and squealing is, there are some places that you want to check first. There are some key components that you want to investigate to see if the fluids are low or if the machine is getting too hot while it's running, which will let you know if you need to reach out to a mechanic. Take the time to get inside the machine and to look at the following things right away.

Check the Rotary Pump

You want to check to see if the rotary pump is working, or if it is damaged and squeaking or having other issues. If you can see that it isn't functioning properly, or that it's squealing, out of line, or causing complications for the machine, you want to shut it down. Find a mechanic if you know it's broken, or try checking the lubricant and fluids on your own.

Get Lube

All the mechanical components can't function properly if they don't have the necessary lubrication, and they can't function without friction. Make sure that the machine has the necessary amount of lubrication, and that you are properly supplying the machine. If the components are hot, worn or damaged, these can be signs that the lubrication is low or not working. This is something that has to be checked routinely.

Fill Coolant Fluids  

The cooling fluids that are pushed through the machine and used to keep the machine cool are necessary, and if they aren't flowing through the pumps, then you have a problem. Make sure that you check all of the fluids in the machine to make sure that the machine won't overheat, and that you won't have an issue because components got too hot. The machine should signal if the fluids are running low, and if there are problems with anything other than the cooling fluids on the computer screen.

There are a lot of different problems that can arise when you have a machine running all day or for many different shifts, so it's important that you take the time to inspect the machine when it's making weird noises, hot, or overheating. Check the fluids, make sure that the machine has all the proper lubrication, and check the rotary pump and the other mechanical components right away. This way you can preserve the machine and fix flaws.

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