3 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Vehicle's Engine

Oil plays a vital role in taking care of your engine. Oil helps keep your engine lubricated and ensures that your engine stays usable for a long period of time. How you take care of your oil in your vehicle can dictate how well your engine is taken care of.

1. Switch to Synthetic Oils

The first change you need to make is switching from regular motor oil to synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is not just for foreign vehicles and for race cars; it works perfectly well in your everyday commuter vehicle as well.

Synthetic oils are designed to last longer than traditional motor oils, extending the period in between oil changes. Synthetic oils also respond better to heat and cold and have better flow rates in extreme conditions. Synthetic oils are better for your engine.

2. Watch the Grade of Your Oil

Pay attention to the grade of oil that you use in your engine. Your owner's manual should let you know what grade of oil you can use in your engine. The type of oil that you use depends on the weather as well; often, you can use a thicker oil in your car in the spring than you can in the winter when it's colder outside.

3. Check Your Oil

Next, make sure that you check your oil levels. Don't depend on the sticker in your windshield to tell you when to get your oil changed. Think of that sticker as a general rule of thumb to follow; you still need to check your oil levels.

Check your oil levels every few weeks. Make sure that your oil levels stay above the minimum level for your vehicle. If your oil level gets low, top it off with some extra motor oil that you keep at home.

Pay attention to how your motor oil looks and feels. If you notice that your motor oil changes colors, getting all milky, you probably have water leaking into your oil, which is a serious issue. Keep an eye out for debris as well; when debris turns up in your oil, it's dirty and needs to be changed.

Make sure that you are putting the best oil possible into your vehicle. Consider using synthetic oils and watch the grade of your oil, which may need to change with the season. Be sure to spend time checking your oil levels; don't just depend on the sticker on your windshield to tell you when to get an oil change – actively monitor your oil usage and condition

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