Purchasing The Right Borescope

Maintaining the quality and condition of each aircraft in your fleet is essential when it comes to the safety and success of your company. It can be challenging to navigate the tight spaces within an aircraft's engine in order to diagnose repairs that need to be made.

Investing in a borescope can help you gain visual confirmation of necessary repairs before spending time and money taking apart a complex engine. Purchasing the right borescope is critical to the success of your aircraft maintenance program.

Look for a borescope with a tungsten tip cover.

As the fiber optic cable of your borescope snakes through the tight cavities within an aircraft's engine, there is the potential that the tip will come into contact with sharp corners or hard walls. These points of contact could spell disaster if your borescope does not have a protected tip.

A tungsten tip cover provides durable protection for the delicate optical equipment located in the tip of a borescope. Investing in a borescope with a tungsten tip cover will ensure your diagnostic tool remains functional over time.

Look for a borescope with a high-resolution monitor.

Since the sole purpose of a borescope is to allow your mechanics to gain visual access to the interior chambers of an aircraft's engine, you want to ensure that the borescope you purchase is equipped with a high-resolution monitor.

The monitor should be large enough to allow easy viewing and contain enough pixels to provide a clear and precise display. Paying a little more for a borescope with a high-resolution monitor will help eliminate costly diagnostic errors as you maintain your planes in the future.

Look for a borescope with proper lighting.

Another essential feature that you should be looking for as you shop the market for a new borescope is the lighting each model comes equipped with. Lighting plays a critical role in determining how clear the images a borescope returns appear.

Since the interior chambers of an aircraft engine can be dark, a borescope that features LED lighting can be a valuable tool. LED lighting has a long lifespan and can provide adequate illumination for your diagnostic needs.

Being able to access the right tools can help reduce the amount of time required to diagnose and repair a malfunctioning aircraft. Investing in a borescope with a tungsten tip, a high-resolution monitor, and an LED light attachment will streamline your maintenance tactics in the future.