3 Ways to Help Your Clients Add Air to Tires

Properly inflated tires will assist with remaining safe while driving and will ensure that drivers and passengers are provided with a smooth, comfortable ride. If you own a gas station, use the tips below to help your clients add air to their vehicles tires.

Train Your Employees And Provide Them With Tools And Equipment

Your employees can assist drivers with adding air to tires when needed. Train your employees prior to having them help customers so that each worker is confident about using a tire gauge and compressor. Give each worker a tire gauge and require them to keep their gauge in their pocket so that it can be accessed as needed.

If a client drives into the gas station and is concerned that one or more of their vehicle's tires are underinflated, a staff member can use their gauge to check the pressure in each tire. If tires need to be inflated, a portable air compressor can be used to fill each tire that needs more air. 

Install an Air Compressor & Keep it Maintained

A coin-operated air compressor can be installed on the front of your property so that individuals can fill their tires at their leisure. If you are short-staffed or your workers tend to stay busy during their shifts, adding a new compressor can prevent clients from becoming discouraged when they are in a rush and would like to add air to their tires. Post a list of instructions next to the air compressor so that people who have never used a compressor can learn how to properly check and inflate tires.

Set up an appointment with a technician like Compressed Air Systems to have the compressor inspected and maintained on a routine basis. If vital parts need to be replaced, purchase the items needed from a compressor parts dealer so that you can correct issues in a timely manner. 

Inspect Tires & Inform Clients When They Need to Be Rotated or Replaced

If you provide clients vehicles with minor repairs and have a spot inside of your business that is designated for repair work, make a point of inspecting tires during each service appointment. If tires need to be rotated or if the tires are worn out and need to be replaced, let your clients know and provide each client with recommendations that will help them maintain their safety while driving. For instance, you can suggest a specific type of tire or you can provide each customer with maintenance tips that will prevent tires from becoming damaged.