Want Diesel Fuel Tanks On Your Company Property? Use These Tips

If you have trucks and heavy equipment on your company site and need to keep them topped up with diesel fuel, you may investigate the possibility of keeping tanks on the property and using a diesel fuel delivery service. However, if that is your plan, you'll need the accompanying information in order to keep the tanks safe and use diesel fuel without causing injuries to anyone in the vicinity.

Know Requirements

Before anything else, it's vital to have a talk with various municipal offices about whether you even have the right to keep diesel tanks directly on your site. Some towns forbid this according to the zoning rules for a particular commercial or industrial district. You will need to consult both the zoning office in your town and the permits office to get the information you'll need. You might have to complete a detailed application and provide documentation before a permit is granted to your company.

Use Dykes

One thing you should do if you plan to keep diesel tanks on your company site is to protect them from damage and leaks. A way to do this is to construct concrete dykes that you can use for tank storage. The dykes will allow the tanks to have dedicated space where they'll be protected from trucks accidentally backing into them; if there is an accident with equipment, having the tanks off in a dyke will ensure that the tanks won't be involved. The dykes will also protect the soil from any accidental spills or leakage that comes from the fuel tanks.

Cold-Fill Trucks and Equipment

To avoid being hit with a hot splash of diesel fuel, ensure that you speak with everyone on site about adhering to a so-called "cold fill" standard. To do that, you and others will need to allow equipment and trucks to cool down before anyone adds more fuel to it. Because this can cause delays in your work, you may opt to schedule filling times, such as first thing in the morning, so that fuel supply is adequate. In addition to avoiding splashes, this can also help everyone to avoid inhaling too many fumes.

The information here can help you to deal with diesel fuel tanks in a safe, effective manner in accordance with local rules. Ask your diesel fuel delivery service for additional guidance and more tips that you and your employees can use. For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Fuelman Inc.