Need Fabricated Metal Pieces? Use These Pointers

When you need metal components or pieces that aren't commercially available, you'll need a reputable fabrication shop to create the parts you need. Without knowing much about these shops, you may be unaware of issues that regularly arise during this kind of work. Use these pointers along the way to help you.

Ask about Proper Materials

There are many metals to use on your project, and you may want to use the ones you're familiar with when better, more affordable options are available. Steel pieces might be what you need, but you might suggest stainless steel to the fabrication shop when regular cold-rolled steel work work just as well for your needs. Asking the shop about different kinds of metal before fabrication begins could save you money and work out better for your project.

Remember Finishes

It's important that your budget and time frame makes room for finishing that may need to be done on the surface of your pieces or along edges. For example, if your pieces will be subject to constant abrasions, you may need to ask for blackening finish. The shop can offer suggestions about what might be needed for the types of metal pieces you've ordered.

Find Out if Laser Cutting is an Option

Laser cutting allows pieces to be fabricated more quickly. In addition, this process can often eliminate the need for finishing work along the edges because the laser cuts smoothly. A laser might also be preferable because if your design team makes changes or you decide you want something slightly different, the new design is easily uploaded into the laser's software right away so you're not stuck with too many pieces you can no longer use.

Ask About Workflow

It's not enough to know that a fabrication shop can do what you ask of them; you also need to be sure that their completion date fits in with your own project needs. That's why it's important to ask about other jobs happening in the space and whether they are on schedule before you even place your order. Being sure that your pieces will be done when needed can alleviate a lot of other headaches.

When you're able to deal with the issues laid out here, you can get great pieces and complete your work projects on time. Throughout this process, talking regularly with the fabrication shop like Garelick Steel can ensure you get what your company needs.