3 Safety Features To Insist On In Your Power Tongs

If you are in the oilfield construction industry, you probably rely on power tongs throughout the workday. Although you might understand the inherent danger of power tongs and all sorts of heavy-duty oilfield construction equipment, you should know that many manufacturers are taking increased steps to ensure that their equipment is safe. These are a few safety features that you should insist on when investing in power tongs.

1. Automatic Door Locks

Operating the power tongs while the door is open can be quite dangerous, but it can happen accidentally -- such as another employee starting up the equipment without you realizing it or you starting it up without noticing that the door is open -- or it can be done carelessly. Either way, it can greatly increase the chance of you or someone else getting hurt. The best power tongs have automatic door locks, which means that the door will lock automatically when the equipment is started to help prevent it from coming open accidentally. It also means that the equipment will not turn on if the door is open.

2. Automatic Torque Control

Even though power tongs are powerful pieces of equipment, they should only be operated at a certain torque. This torque varies based on different factors, such as the type and size of the equipment. For safety reasons, many manufacturers are starting to implement automatic torque control, which means that the machine tracks the torque and automatically stops the equipment once it reaches the highest rated level. This helps prevent the equipment from operating at too much torque, which is important for both safety reasons and to help prevent your equipment and its moving parts from wearing out more quickly than they should.

3. Proper Warranty

You should never operate your equipment when it isn't operating properly, since equipment with mechanical issues can be at greater risk of causing injury. If you have to pay for the expensive repairs, however, you might be tempted to run your equipment when you shouldn't so that you can shave down on costs. High-quality, safe equipment should come with a warranty so that this isn't necessary. A good warranty is also proof that the manufacturer stands behind its product and knows that it has been made to operate as durably and safely as possible.

Power tongs can be dangerous, but they are an imperative part of the workday on the average oilfield construction site. Luckily, looking for these three safety features can help you enjoy increased safety while on the job.

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